DMCentral customise RFID smart cards

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Smart Cards

Welcome to your customer database management solution.

Also a great marketing tool, we customise RFID smart cards to identify with your branding and appeal to your customers. These smart cards provide secure communication channels with your customers, safe storage of personal details, buying habits and membership data, all in a thin and light, portable device.

RFID smart cards are devices with embedded microchip intelligence. Once the card has entered the radio frequency signal area, the chip communicates with the card reader via contactless radio frequency interface.

RFID smart cards can help your business securely manage its customer or member database while:

  • protecting personal information
  • quickly delivering information to authenticated devices
  • effecting secure transactions

Industry and government standards regulate RFID technology, protecting your customers and your reputation. Customise your smart cards for functions including:

  • storage of biometric templates and matching capabilities
  • encryption for digital signing, hashing, key generation and storage
  • contactless communication of VIP status and purchase history (when the customer walks into your store)

RFID smart cards are used by organisations to manage their customer or member database, including toll road organisations, schools and universities, libraries, sporting venues, clubs and hotels, retail and fashion, financial institutions, transport organisations, security and healthcare.