PVC Cards

Photo ID Cards

Customised photo ID cards and database management solutions

Reduce your administrative costs and maintain data accuracy with our photo ID cards and database management technology.

Customise your member ID cards with your branding, photo and single or double-sided printing, and choose added technology:

  • plain PVC card format
  • barcode
  • magnetic stripe
  • RFID smart card technology

Our solution helps you to streamline member management, and the latest smart card technology provides real-time, secure data communication from card holder to authorised card reader.

Photo ID cards enhance member security and data integrity, and are popularly used for:

  • students or staff
  • security access
  • events or visitors
  • accreditation
  • trade licences
  • members (gyms, sporting clubs, retail, libraries)

RFID technology is regulated by industry and government standards, protecting your customers and enhancing your reputation.