DMCentral RFID

RFID Smart Card Facts

An advantage that RFID have over Barcodes is that RFID does not need to be specifically positioned to be scanned, and RFID makes sure that it is read, unlike barcodes where the store clerk will need to ensure that it can be read by the scanner. Additionally, credit cards and ATM cards must be swiped…

Konica Minolta Printers

We Can Produce Magnificent Colours

Finally, we bought 2 new set of Konica Minolta High Chroma printers that will assist us bringing you with better and improved products. Its quality is astonishing and its colours are magnificent. This is possible due to the industry-leading High Chroma Technology, with a colour reproduction that’s the closest match to what you see on…

CARTES Event for Plastic Loyalty Cards

CARTES Exhibition 2013

The Smart Shopping Area, mutations in the heart of commerce. Among the topics in the spotlight, smart shopping  occupied a special place with a dedicated space summarising the innovations in distribution and payment through demonstrations that enabled the visitors to apprehend the changes in the retail industry for years to come. Among all the professionals we were provided with the opportunity to…