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Customer Loyalty Programs

It is widely accepted that customer loyalty is one of, if not the most important part of any business, especially in the retail sector.

DMCentral’s proven loyalty programs are designed to increase long-term customer loyalty by tailoring the design, implementation and ongoing management of your loyalty program to meet your particular needs.

Loyal customers increase the frequency they visit your outlets and online stores in turn increasing sales and ROI for your business.

Loyalty Cards typically have a barcode or magnetic stripe that can be easily scanned by your outlets or entered in online. We also offer RFID chip cards and small keyring cards (key tags).

By presenting the loyalty card, the purchaser is typically entitled to either a discount on the current purchase or points that can be accumulated for future purchases.

Loyalty Programs make customers feel special and in turn increase customer loyalty to your brand, product or service.

Many loyalty programs are focused on rewarding loyal customers for business as usual, this can strain your marketing budget and hurt your margins. Your loyalty campaign needs to reward loyalty, be engaging, graded according to spend and must stand out from the rest!

Remember, customers are conditioned in a flooded market to expect rewards for their loyalty so you need to be creative to engage your customers and get them to come back time and time again.

Our wholesaler  and retailer loyalty programs are focused on return on investment so you make more profit. DMCentral can show you how to create a loyalty program that funds itself and delivers increased profits.

Once the loyalty campaign is established, we use the customer analytic data generated to provide you with valuable marketing insights about your customers’ buying behaviour. You will be able to see what your customers value, how they want to communicate with you and what motivates them to do more business with you.

DMCentral will ensure your program stands out from the rest and continually delivers results.

Your program will be customised, from the rewards you select and the digital mediums used to connect with your customers to the reporting tools and choice of reward delivery method.

DMCentral make it easy for you to manage the loyalty program. Our platform supports reporting, performance and redemption tracking, fulfillment and logistics. It also acts as a CRM tool that allows you to profile your audience, learn from their behaviour, personalise campaigns and manage campaigns more effectively.