DMCentral Design, Manufacture and print Plastic PVC Cards in Australia. We also execute Direct Marketing & Loyalty Programs with some of Australia's largest organisations.

DMCentral have all the tools to help you connect with your customers, members and associates. We offer everything from Photo ID Cards, Debit Cards, Gift Cards, TAB Cards and Combination Cards to an extensive, multi-faceted and personalised direct marketing campaign, we have the know-how and facilities for marketing success.

We are one of the few companies that manufacture a range of premium quality Plastic/ PVC card and key tag products in Australia. We also offer personalised digital printing and mailing services which compliment and round off a diverse suite of Direct Marketing solutions, all housed under one roof, backed by the highest levels of customer service.

Facilities, expertise, experience, service and real value-for-money, maybe that’s why we are privileged to have amongst our repeat customers; Best Friends Pets, Victoria Racing Club and Diabetes Australia.

DMCentral utilizes the latest state of the art technologies and equipment in our manufacturing processes including both offset and digital printing. Our wide range of products and services will help you and your business optimize things such as customer loyalty, security, memberships, access control and credit control just to name a few. Check out our Products and services to see how DMCentral can help you.

DMCentral is an Australian based company and all manufacturing are done locally, which can meet deadlines on spec and on budget.

We provide a full service from concept to manufacturing your very own plastic pvc cards and DMCentral utilises special printers for that top quality that customers are looking for.

Customer Loyalty Programs

DMCentral’s proven loyalty programs are designed to increase long-term customer loyalty by tailoring the design, implementation and ongoing management of your loyalty program to meet your particular needs.

DMCentral make it easy for you to manage your loyalty program. Our platform supports reporting, performance and redemption tracking, fulfillment and logistics. It also acts as a CRM tool that allows you to profile your audience, learn from their behavior, personalise campaigns and manage campaigns more effectively.

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Ben Davidson, Membership Manager

“DMCentral is an integral part of our relationship with our 50,000 members. If it wasn’t for the team at DMCentral we would have half as many members, half the revenue and still have staff doing cut and paste every morning. DMCentral is a vital partner in how we run our business, develop value for our members and improve the renewal experience. DMCentral aren’t just suppliers, they are part of our team”

Aaron Hearps, Senior Ticketing Operations Manager

Our dealings with Michael Haycroft and the DMCentral team ensured the most efficient processes were put in place in what could be described as a very complex set of business rules in which we are governed by. DMCentral’s eye for detail, their knowledge of technology and their ability to translate high level IT information to all levels of management ensured our project was an overwhelming success

Monica Dinh, Membership Manager

Melbourne Victory would like to thank DMCentral for their excellent service in the production of our membership cards and personalised birthday cards. Their in-depth knowledge in digital printing, accuracy in management of our data, seamless integration with our fulfilment supplier and delivery of high quality products at very competitive prices is the reason why we have continued to work with DMCentral. We were referred to DMCentral and we are delighted to refer DMCentral on to other companies.